Our Mission Statement:

Family owned and operated, Green's Fruit Farm strives to integrate cutting edge science with time-honored traditions in order to build resilient agroecosystems and communities

-Bobby and Sara Hricko

Here at Green’s Fruit Farm, we think about sustainability in terms of the

“Three Pillars of Sustainability:”


Economic Sustainability:

Economic sustainability means – simply – that we need to make enough money to cover our costs of growing fruit with some left over to improve the farm. This is, arguably, the central pillar of sustainability not because we like making money but rather because the business cannot exist – let alone implement environmentally and socially sustainable practices – unless we make enough money to do so. Implementing economically sustainable practices on Green’s Fruit Farm allows us to remain family owned and operated, bringing you the freshest, tastiest fruit we possibly can. Thank you for supporting local farmers!

Environmental Sustainability:

We can capture the concept of environmental sustainability with this statement: “building resilient agroecosystems.” Simply put, this means taking care of the land. We can tell how well we are doing by using both cutting edge techniques developed at land-grant universities and also by consulting the wisdom of experience. For instance, we know that we have nutritious soil when we take soil samples and the levels of essential plant nutrients are where they ought to be. We also know that we have nutritious soil when we see our trees sending out lush, green growth and when disturbed soil is dark, fluffy, and aromatic. We base our management on advice from research scientists and from experience – both our own and that of other respected fruit growers.


Social Sustainability:

Nearly always the most difficult pillar to define and also to implement, social sustainability can be captured by the statement: “building resilient communities.” One of these communities is our own immediate family. Because farming is a lifestyle – not just a job – we believe it’s important to make time and invest effort in growing a healthy family – not just good fruit. Our employees – our extended family – form another community. Farming is a difficult job requiring long hours and hard work, which makes paying a fair wage and striking a good work-life balance crucial. We also strive to enrich our local communities by staging educational activities and presentations at farmer’s markets, schools, universities, and community events. Finally, we realize that we are members of a global community, which is increasingly becoming more and more connected.