Food Safety at Green's Fruit Farm

Green’s Fruit Farm is committed to producing fruit with the highest regard for food safety by identifying and implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). We follow the independent third-party Primus Audit, one of the most intensive and respected audit schemes in the industry. We offer total transparency. Our annual audit certificate, food safety plan, and pesticide application records are available to any customer requesting them.

Both retail and wholesale customers can rest assured that GFF is doing everything possible to minimize contamination and maximize cleanliness in every aspect of the fruit production process, from our chemical application water to the boxes in which we ship our product.

Our Food Safety Program

Our food safety program establishes GAPs in these areas:

  • Pesticide application

  • Water quality (For irrigation and pesticide application)

  • Full traceability/recall program

  • Employee hygiene policies/corrective actions

  • Physical, chemical, and biological contamination

  • Harvest protocol

  • Animal presence monitoring/corrective actions

  • General biosecurity

  • Third party food safety audit by Primus